Brent Bumgarner

Brent joined the My Fitness World staff when it opened in November 2011. With over 12 years of personal training experience, he has helped clients to achieve a variety of fitness goals, from gaining muscle mass to losing weight, improving performance, regaining function—even completing a marathon in record time! Brent is comfortable training a range of clients and has worked with professional athletes, competitive bodybuilders and physique athletes, stay-at-home moms, working professionals, youth athletes, MMA fighters, and even a former Olympic athlete. Additionally, he has vast experience with nutritional and supplement counseling. Brent is certified as a personal trainer with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and is a graduate of UNC-Charlotte. He regularly competes in physique and bodybuilding competitions at the national level and is an NPC bodybuilding champion as well as a Musclemania champion. Elevate Magazine has named him a “trainer of the year” Lifestyle Award recipient, and he has contributed to Muscle and Fitness as a fitness expert.